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Gynecomastia or Large Breasts in Men in Algeria
Large breasts in men, or gynecomastia, constitute a serious psychological handicap for men who suffer from it. Breasts, which are little compatible with the image of virility in men, give them insurmountable complexes, it mainly affects: Cause The cause of gynecomastia is essentially hormonal: It is due to This explains that a serious exploration is […]
Breast Lipofilling in Breast Augmentations
Since the PIP prosthesis scandal, many patients are looking for an alternative to prosthesis placement technique, as evidenced by the numerous letters I receive asking if I perform macrolane injections or lipofilling for breast augmentations. Breast Augmentation by Hyaluronic Acid The augmentation is limited to a few centimeters only. The numerous disadvantages (pain, microcalcifications ...) […]

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