Gynecomastia or Large Breasts in Men in Algeria

Large breasts in men, or gynecomastia, constitute a serious psychological handicap for men who suffer from it. Breasts, which are little compatible with the image of virility in men, give them insurmountable complexes, it mainly affects:

  • During adolescence, where it regresses spontaneously after a few months and sometimes a few years.
  • The elderly subject who represents 50% of the cases.

Cause The cause of gynecomastia is essentially hormonal: It is due to

  • The imbalance of the androgen/estrogen ratio is a source of gynecomastia.
  • The drop in testosterone levels is seen in hypogonadism, hyperthyroidism, etc.
  • The increase in estrogen is seen in testicular cancers, hyperthyroidism...
  • Certain medical treatments.

This explains that a serious exploration is essential to eliminate conditions that can cause gynecomastia. The diagnosis of essential gynecomastia can only be made after a serious clinical, biological, and radiological examination to rule out a pathology at the origin of gynecomastia.

Treatment Surgery is the most satisfying solution as it provides a definitive answer to the problem. The surgical methods depend on the clinical examination. The surgeon will explain all the details during the consultation.

Problem of Adipomastia: Sometimes we see a patient arrive who refuses the term gynecomastia for his condition, repeating that he has adipomastia. Adipomastia is an ultrasonographic diagnosis that does not change the course of action at all because for me it is an infiltration of the gland by fat and the solution can only be surgical.

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