Biography of Dr. Madjoudj Ahcène

Dr Madjoudj

After obtaining his surgeon's degree from the Faculty of Medicine in Algiers in 1982, Dr. Madjoudj Ahcène turned towards plastic, aesthetic, and reconstructive surgery in 1986 at the Rothschild Hospital in Paris 12e, working closely with Prof. BAUX and Dr. Mimoun. His journey then took him to North America in 1989, where he notably worked at Notre Dame Hospital and the Hospital for Sick Children of Sainte Justine, both located in Montreal. It was in 1992 that he began practicing plastic surgery in Algiers, distinguishing himself as one of the pioneers of this specialty in Algeria in private practice.


Faculty of Medicine of Algiers

Surgeon's Degree


Rothschild Hospital, Paris 12th

Plastic, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive Surgery


Notre Dame Hospital, Montreal


Hospital for Sick Children of Sainte Justine, Montreal


Beginning of the practice of Plastic Surgery in Algiers.

Member of several Scientific Societies, particularly the:

His presentations on new personal methods at international conferences are highly valued. He also collaborates with university neurosurgery departments in Algeria, specializing in spinal cord malformations (spina bifida) and cranio-facial surgery.

Reflections of Dr. Madjoudj on plastic surgery

After over 30 years of practice in Algeria, what reflections can I make?

Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive surgery has the potential to transform patients' lives by restoring hope and confidence. This ability to bring back smiles is tangible, especially through the before-and-after photos of patients. These moments reflect the immense gratification surgeons feel.

Evolutions in Aesthetic Surgery

Over the years, cosmetic surgery has evolved, sometimes alarmingly. Some changes and practices demonstrate an ethical drift, where medical integrity is sidelined. It's crucial to recognize these deviations and work to restore trust and ethics.

Pressures and Unrealistic Expectations

The modern era sees an increase in patients, especially younger ones, with unrealistic aesthetic requests. Unlike past procedures where parents and children sought medical solutions, today, some aim to fulfill fantasies influenced by unrealistic ideals. Sadly, some surgeons oblige without proper counseling.

The Influence of Social Media

Social media and influencers play a significant role in today's perception of beauty. They often relay a greedy industry promoting, at times, dangerous standards, thus influencing patients' expectations and encouraging unnecessary procedures.

Importance of the Consultation

A key step in cosmetic surgery: It is the time to listen carefully to the patient's request and assess its feasibility.

If the request is unrealistic, it is the surgeon's duty to explain the refusal.

If the request is accepted, it is necessary to explain the procedure in detail.

A reflection period of 8 days is required before operating.

A second consultation is essential.

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